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Female Genital Mutilation has absolutely nothing to do with the religion of Islam

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Female Genital Mutilation has absolutely nothing to do with the religion of Islam

this seems to be an issue lately so let’s get a few things straight

Female Circumcision is not islamic, it is mutilation!

It is the action or traditional practice of cutting off the clitoris and sometimes the labia of girls or young women. To lower a woman’s pleasure in sex…. tell me how is this islamic?

Female genital mutilation is an ancient practice where parts of a girl’s genitalia are removed in order to eliminate sexual desire and pleasure in a woman. In 2006, Islamic scholars led by the grand Sheikh of Al Azhar University, the highest scholarly authority in the Islamic world, declared that female genital mutilation is a violation of Islam’s teachings. And in 2008, the US Agency for International Development published an important paper on the issue, “De-linking Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting from Islam.” The authors, Ibrahim Lethome Asmani and Maryam Sheikh Abdi, lay out a very clear and straightforward analysis of Islamic teachings on the subject. While male circumcision has always been a part of Islam as it has Judaism (both religions linking the practice to their ancestor, the biblical patriarch Abraham), female circumcision is not found anywhere in the Qur’an. A very few hadiths, or oral accounts attributed to the Prophet, have been interpreted by some to suggest that female circumcision was accepted in the early Muslim community, but Islamic scholars have largely discounted such accounts as historically weak and unreliable. So the scriptural basis for such a practice in Islam is unsupported.

But more importantly, the practice itself violates clear teachings of Islam that form the basis of its value system. Firstly, body mutilation is condemned in the Qur’an very clearly, not just in humans but also in animals. The Qur’an says that Satan will arouse in human beings an evil desire to mutilate God’s creation, quoting the Devil as saying: “Truly I will mislead them and surely arouse in them false desires and I will order them to slit the ears of cattle and indeed I will order them to change the nature created by God.” (4:119). Furthermore, the Qur’an is very sensitive to protecting children from harm, especially young girls, and Islam ended the ancient Arab practice of burying unwanted baby girls alive. But more directly to the issue of female genital mutilation, the practice violates the Prophet’s very clear teaching that women have the right sexual fulfillment. Prophet Muhammad advised men: ““When a man has sexual intercourse with his wife, he should be at the same pace with her. If he satisfies his desires before her, he should not withdraw until she has also satisfied herself.”

first off there is no circumcision for women, we simply do not have that body part….what you are referring to is FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) and secondly critics cite regarding this allegation on a regular basis and state that because of this we see that it is an Islamic practice and that is: “Do not cut severely as that is better for a woman and more desirable for a husband”
(Abu Dawud, Book: Manners, Chapter: On Circumcision).

This “saying of the Prophet” mentioning female genital mutilation is widely regarded as a weak hence not acceptable tradition amongst Islamic scholars (also not being supported by any Quranic reference). Critics justify the “validity” of this report by noting that a small minority of Muslims in the above mentioned parts of the world continue to practice this.

One cannot find any authentic Hadith of the Holy Prophet of Islam in which the chain of narration actually goes all the way back to the Holy Prophet hence the Hadith that critics cite will be classed as inauthentic or weak which is also supported by many renowned scholars of Islam for example Yusuf ibn Abd Allah al-Barr,great scholar of Andalusia Spain, writes;

“Those who consider (female) circumcision a sunna (Act of the Prophet), use as evidence the tradition of Abu al-Mulaih, which is based solely on the evidence of Hajjaj Ibn Arta’ah, who cannot be admitted as an authority when he is the sole transmitter. The consensus of Muslim scholars shows that circumcision is for men (not for women)”
Islam addresses detailed bodily hygiene & care, explaining every aspect, and never once mentions FGM from a single authoritative source. Further more, if we observe the Muslim countries, it is evident that FGM isn’t practice in majority of Muslim countries, If it was part of Islamic law, like male circumcision, it would have been practice in every Muslim household. Islamic law describes every religious action in detail, which excludes FGM. But many may rightfully ask, if Islam condemns FGM, why do Muslims engage in this practice at all?

For 2 reasons, primarily;

1. Cultural norms found in tribes which are powerful motivators.
2. Ignorance to what Islam actually teaches.

Hence as explained above Female Genital Mutilation has absolutely nothing to do with the religion of Islam and is an allegation which is levelled against Islam with no support from neither the Holy Quran nor the Holy Prophet peace be upon him of Islam.

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