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Why Hajj?

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  • Why Hajj?

    The Hajj is important to Muslims because it helps to teach them about their true purpose on Earth, to feel a closer connection to Allah, to unite with their brothers and sisters on the journey, to find their humility, to help them reinforce worship methods and to recognize the equality of all people.

    All people are equal on the journey because there are no indications of wealth, socioeconomic status, or pride in profession or other attributes.

    On the journey, all people must wear the white Ihram clothing, which is without any emblems or other signifying details. The journey is required by the Muslim faith of all people who are physically capable of completing it, and who can afford to go. It is expected that if it is possible, all Muslims will make the journey at least once during their life.

    The Hajj is a special tradition (called the fifth pillar of Islam) and is limited to only Muslim people. Non-Muslim people are not allowed to go on the Hajj or to enter the temple upon arrival. There are more than three million Muslims who go on the journey every year. In the modern world, the Hajj has become one way for parents to re-instill traditional Islamic values in their young children and teenagers.

    Allah (SWT) has made Hajj compulsory. Just like Salat, Sawm and Zakat, Hajj is compulsory. Every able Muslim who has the finances available (after taking care of all family obligations), is required to embark on this journey once in their life. And since it is the command of Allah (SWT), the Creator of us all, it is the duty of every Muslim to make sure they perform Hajj while they can.

    Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam. These pillars make up the core of the Islamic belief. To believe in Allah (SWT) and His Messenger, to perform Salat, to fast during Ramadan, to pay Zakat, and to embark on Hajj; these five things define a Muslim. Every Muslim needs to get this right in order to be identified as a person of the Islamic Faith.

    Prophet Muhammad performed Hajj and as it is written that we should perform the task like He did, people embark on Hajj to obtain the blessings of Allah (SWT) and to follow in His footsteps.

    Hajj serves not just as a spiritual journey but also as a means to seeking forgiveness for the mistakes of the past as well. Muslims who embark on Hajj also get their sins forgiven by Allah, The Merciful.

    May Allah (SWT) accept their Hajj and the Qurbani sacrifice of all Muslims around the world.

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