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Title: Quran vs Bible
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Quran vs Bible

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There are many facets to the Bible vs. Quran debate on the differences, as well as similarities, between the two.

The Quran and the Bible are the holy books of the two worldwide religions of Islam and Christianity, respectively.

There are a lot of similarities between the religions in terms of its place of origin which is the present Middle East, some of the concepts and values that they support, the conception of monotheism and the like.

It is natural for anybody to draw a comparison between the two books that offer the substantial philosophical basis to the religions.

It is only a thorough study that can reveal the differences between both the books.

A layman’s view might give you an impression that both of them are similar.

Of course they do, but there seems to be overwhelming and cardinal differences between the two.

The Quran consists of the utterances of the messenger of God, in the guise of Gabriel as revealed to the Prophet Muhammad.
The book is a dictation in that sense.
It is written in the first person pronoun as God speaking directly to the humankind through the Prophet.
It was compiled after the death of Muhammad by the Caliphs who succeeded him.
The Quran was revealed over a period of just 23 years.
Prophet Muhammad received his first revelation in the Cave of Hira.
Thereafter, he received rest of the revelations over a period of twenty-three years.
The Quran is not arranged chronologically.
The Quran is considered to have only one author.
The Quran is mentioned as a whole often in the Quran.
The word Quran appears about 70 times in the Quran itself.
Quran is considered as the only self-referential religious text.
The Quran has only one version.
The Quran is believed to be preserved in its original form.
Present day Quran is accepted by historians as the original version compiled by Abu Bakr shortly after Muhammad’s death.
Presently, Quran has been presented in 112 languages.

Bible is a collection of smaller books written over a long time period in comparison to that of the Quran.

The Bible consists of about sixty books.
In the Bible, we have many prophets of God speaking on behalf of Him to the people.
The book consists of commentaries autpromiscuous d by many men.
You also have sometimes, the word of God directly revealed to the humankind.
The Bible also gives narratives of the history of the Jewish people and of the early community of the Christians.
It is quite interesting to note that the Bible was compiled over a period of 13 centuries.
The Bible is arranged chronologically.
The Bible is considered to have many authors.
The Bible as a whole is not mentioned even once in the Bible.
It is quite important to note that there are seven versions of the Bible.
The Bible is believed to have been constructed from the lost originals.
The oldest complete manuscripts of the Hebrew Bible date from the Middle Ages.
The New Testament has been translated into 1,185 languages and Bible (Protestant Canon) in 451 languages.

The one common and popular narrative in both the books is the story of the Creation by God.

Though the storyline is similar, there are actual differences which can be learned only with careful observation.

From the very beginning onwards, there are differences.

A careful, thorough and analytical study of both the books is more than enough to render the hypothesis that the Quran is copied from Bible as incorrect.

The Bible, especially the New Testament holds that Jesus is the Son of God, while Quran considers Jesus as only one of the many prophets who had been sent to the humankind by the God.

Thus Quran directly negates the Godliness and divinity attached to Jesus.
Both the holy books profess ethics.
Both the books give its followers a roadmap to heaven, the guidelines for a life that is pleasing to the Lord God.
However, both the ethical narrative is slightly nuanced.
The difference that creeps up here is in these nuanced professions of the ethics.

It is quite important to note that there are seven versions of the Bible compiled over a period of 13 centuries whereas the Quran has only one version was revealed over a period of just 23 years.

The Ten Commandments are a set of biblical principles relating to ethics and worship
The commandments play a fundamental role in Judaism and Christianity.
They include instructions to worship only God, as well as prohibitions against idolatry, blasphemy, murder, theft, dishonesty, and adultery.

Islam acknowledges the basic prohibitions given in the Ten Commandments.

After all, God is one and His message to mankind has been consistent throughout time.

Listed below are the Ten Commandments along with similar verses found in the Quran.